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Weather Slowed Emergency Response to Heeney Cabin Destroyed in Blaze Last Week

No one was injured when a fire destroyed a cabin in Heeney on Saturday, Dec. 30, but the emergency response was slowed by weather and other circumstances, according to Summit Fire & EMS. Emergency responders received notice of a fire alarm at 83 Lake View Drive, also known as County Road 1751, in Heeney around 3:50 p.m., Steve Lipsher, a spokesperson for Summit Fire said. The first unit did not arrive on scene until 4:37 p.m. “By the time (our battalion chief)] got to Silverthorne Elementary, we got a report via dispatch that the cabin was fully involved in flames,” Lipsher said. “Even delays in getting to the scene, even snowy roads, wasn’t going to make a difference in them saving that cabin I’m afraid.”

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