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Inspection Request
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Summit Fire & EMS along with Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District (Breckenridge & Blue River), the towns within Summit County as well as Summit County itself have adopted the 

2018 International Fire Code with amendments.

Additional codes and policies:


Permits can be applied for by clicking the "Apply for Permit" box above. Permit fees are due at time of application by electronic check or credit card. Email SFE at if you have further questions. 

A fire-department permit is required for all:

  • Tenant Finishes/Remodels
  • New Construction (including commercial buildings and residential buildings with three or more attached dwelling units)
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Other permits required by the currently adopted fire code as amended

When work has been started without the receipt of a permit, the permit fee will be doubled.

All Summit Fire & EMS permits shall be maintained on the site of permitted work; this can be done electronically.

Summit Fire & EMS fee schedule

Refer to our business resource list below as that may be able to assist you in obtaining items needed for compliance with your inspections.

  • Inspections should be requested at least 48 hours in advance & can be requested by clicking on the "Inspection Request' box above or by calling the Summit Fire & EMS inspection-request line at (970) 262-5215. Any other informal requests may not be honored.
  • Each permitted contractor must request inspections of that contractor’s specific work.
  • Fire sprinkler and alarm final inspections shall be coordinated and scheduled for the same time.
  • Any incomplete inspections will be subject to a reinspection fee.
  • Cancellation of scheduled inspections within 24 hours may be subject to a reinspection fee.
  • Any contractor requesting an inspection must provide the necessary testing supplies.
  • No work shall be performed without an approved set of plans.
  • All fire-system piping and wiring must be visible for a proper inspection.
  • Certification letters are required before any system receives final approval.
  • Application requirements include one digital copy, submitted as a .pdf file with the permit application. 
  • Minimum acceptable scale is 1/8 inch to the foot.
  • Name, complete address, and telephone number of owner representative and installing contractor shall be furnished with drawings.
  • Name, physical and mailing address of project shall be furnished with drawings.
  • Contractor’s license classification and number shall be stamped on drawings.
  • Equipment data sheets for each device must be submitted with applicable information highlighted.
  • All symbols should adhere to NFPA 170.
  • Ceiling heights and ceiling detail shall be shown.
  • Square footage shall be shown.
  • Any missing or inaccurate information may lead to the rejection of the plans and a resubmittal fee may be charged.