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Child Who Suffered Seizures in 2022 Reunited with Summit Fire & EMS Crew

Child Who Suffered Seizures in 2022 Reunited with Summit Fire & EMS Crew That Whisked Him Away to the Hospital

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Earlier this month, a child who suffered a seizure at just 15-months-old was reunited with the Summit Fire & EMS crew that helped stabilize him and rush him to the hospital during the medical emergency back in 2022. Arizona resident Rachel Kohn, the mother of 2-year-old Theo, said that during a visit to her in-laws at Copper Village in August 2022, Theo was sick with a high fever, so the family was driving him to the hospital when his lips turned blue and eyes rolled back in his head. “We didn’t know what it was at the time,” Kohn said. “It was super scary to witness when you don’t know what’s going on.” When the seizures started, the family pulled over at the gas station outside of Copper Mountain and called 911, Kohn said. The Summit Fire & EMS station is just a short distance away, and paramedics were quick to arrive and get Theo into an ambulance, she said. Theo went on to make a full recovery, Kohn said. Then, last week, Kohn happened to stop by the Summit Fire & EMS station near Copper Mountain during another visit to her in-laws. As she was recalling Theo’s rescue to some employees, Butts happened to overhear and popped out to join the conversation, she said.Soon, Theo, who was there with his mother, was allowed to climb in the fire trucks and pretend to be a firefighter with the crew who rescued him, Kohn said. Theo “loves firetrucks, so that was really exciting for him,” she said. The experience was also rewarding for the firefighters, who often respond to emergencies but don’t always hear follow-ups from those they’ve saved, Kohn noted. It was especially coincidental because it was Butts last week before transferring to the station in Dillon, she added. See more ...