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April 12, 2023 Update

Summit Fire & EMS backed a reserve engine into a snug unit at Buffalo Mountain Storage this afternoon, creating a bit of temporary property-insurance relief for some resident at the north end of Silverthorne.

Ever since we vacated our old administration building at Blue River Parkway and Fourth Street last year, SF&EMS has not had a presence in town, and some insurance companies charge more for some residences if they are not within a five-mile radius of where the closest engine is staged.

This should re-extend that five-mile radius and tide us over until we get our new fire station built at the north end of Silverthorne. If your rates were affected by this, it might be worth calling your agent. (To be certain, insurance rates have gone up everywhere, and for lots of other reasons, too.)

Kudos to the management at Buffalo Mountain Storage for blowing in insulation and installing heaters and an electrical outlet to meet our needs. One of fire-medics has dubbed this unit "Station 9-1/2," because it's not quite Station 10, the designation for our once-and-future Silverthorne station.

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Summit Fire has begun staging a spare engine at Buffalo Mountain Storage in Silverthorne to help ease insurance costs for residences at the north end of town that had been penalized for being more than five miles from the closest engine.