Public Meeting: Fire in Our Backyards!

The Healthy Forest Task Force presents the next installment in its Homeowners Series: Fire in our backyards! How Wildfires Behave and How That May Affect You!

Wildfire Behavior

Wildfires are inherently unpredictable. Wildfire behavior can depend on weather, forest conditions, terrain and other factors. In Summit County, we are surrounded by forest lands and wildland vegetation. With drought conditions expected to worsen, none of Summit County is immune from the risk of wildfire or related impacts. But we can learn from past fires like last year's Waldo Canyon Fire.

South Canyon Fire

It is critical that Summit County property owners and visitors understand wildfire risk and behavior. Did you know...Feds project climate change will double wildfire risk in forests (Denver Post) Knowledge is power, and understanding wildfire behavior can be a matter of personal safety. Get smart about wildfire on Wednesday, April 24, 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Frisco Community Center at 3rd and Granite.

Wildfire Experts

Lake Dillon Fire and U.S. Forest Service wildfire experts will speak and answer your questions. Our meeting leaders are U.S. Forest Service wildfire expert Ross Wilmore and Jeff Berino, Deputy Chief for the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District. Berino has been actively involved in the fire service for more than 33 years, both combating and investigating wildfires throughout the United States. He serves as an Incident Commander for the Summit, Northwest Colorado and Upper Colorado River Incident Management Teams. Jeff and Ross will help us understand fuel loading, structural triage, structural ignitability and wildfire behavior and what that means to Summit County homeowners. An important question to be addressed is how wildfire risk has changed with:

  • Hotter and drier climates
  • More logged areas
  • More down trees
  • Less needles and branches
  • More grasses
  • Continued development in forested locations

Learn More

Want to learn more about wildfires? Check out the videos on the Forest Health Task Force homepage.

Tax Credit?! Unaware of Colorado Wildfire Tax Credit? You're not alone. (Allstate Corporation). Get the details here.

Homeowners Series

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